Should I, or should i not pull a sicky from work tomorrow?

Answer You should not.If you need a day off then book a holiday.

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Shall I go back to work tomorrow ?

Don't go back to work until your doctor signs you off.You must allow your ankle to heal properly ...otherwise, with the job you do, you might do more damage than good.Remember that it's not now you... Read More »

How can i say do you work tomorrow in spanish?

You could say to your close friend, "¿Trabajas mañana?

I have a laptop that does not work and I need to pull the info off it. How?

Pull out the hard drive. You can buy an adapter that will adapt it from the laptop connection, to desktop connection. Then install it in a desktop and pull off whatever you need...Here is the link ... Read More »

Does pull out and pray type sex work?

Sex exists so that reproduction is possible. Pulling out and praying works, if you want to reproduce. It doesn't work as often as not pulling out and praying.Sex exists so that reproduction is poss... Read More »