Should I masturbate with a carrot?

Answer some people may find that slightly weird, and some may not. i advise you to get a dildo or a vibrator rather than use vegetables.

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I am 15 i masturbate one time a day sometimes i masturbate but nothing comes out should i stop doing it?

no - you do it so it feels good, not for the stuff to come out at that age.. it is true that you are young as pointed out below, but that just shows that you shouldn't have that stuff coming out, y... Read More »

Should i show my younger brother how to masturbate?

Yes because the sooner they know the better. Kids at school will talk about and if the boy doesn't know people will make fun of him

Should I be worried that I masturbate 3 times a day?

Haha lucky you, that kinda thing never works for me, i need the real thing ,that just doesn't cut it for me.;)

I don't date guys who masturbate. How many guys out there do NOT masturbate?

We all masturbate, unless we're dead. Sometimes even then.