Should I make my dog with diarrhea rest?

Answer On One Hand: Dog Diarrhea Is No JokeYes, you should make, or encourage your dog to rest while he is suffering from diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause your dog to have a hard time defecating, according to... Read More »

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How much exercise should a dog with diarrhea get?

When your dog has diarrhea, it is best to give him a lot of rest and only small amounts of exercise. Diarrhea is a sign of sickness, and just like humans, dogs need rest to recuperate and rid them... Read More »

How Long Should a Puppy Fast With Diarrhea?

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How much yogurt should you give a dog with diarrhea?

On One Hand: No Medical EffectAccording to the WellVet website, the bacteria in yogurt does not have any diarrhea-stopping benefits for either humans or dogs.On the Other: Soothing EffectWellVet re... Read More »

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