Should I make a facebook for my son Joe He's 46 years old.?

Answer if your both okay with it.

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Should I make a Facebook account?

NO.1. Everyone will think your cool because you don't have one.2. At first you get addicted to it (or at least I and a lot of my other friends did when the profile was arranged differently, like, t... Read More »

Should I make a profile on Facebook?

HiFacebook is good for keeping on contact with people, I only got facebook a few weeks ago and I now am in contact with people from primary school who I have not seen for years! (I moved cities) It... Read More »

What should my daughter make for dinner tommorow she's 12 years old?

well i just turned 14 and i was very mature when i was twelve, i can cook spagetti, noodles are easy to boil and you can buy sauce in a container thingy lol. ummm also tacos are extreamly easy if s... Read More »

How do i make the music note on my facebook status help please!!! and are there anymore i should kno about?

hold down alt and then on the number pad press 1 and then 3. that should work. That is, if you mean this: ♪