Should I make a facebook for my son Joe He's 46 years old.?

Answer if your both okay with it.

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Is 7 years old too young to have a FaceBook?

Yes! The sooner people start using Facebook, the more gossipy they will become in the future (I think). Plus, seven year olds aren't exactly popular, and they don't know many people. The only peopl... Read More »

Can you delete post from years ago on facebook?

yes, you can - use your activity log to make it easier to find them

Why facebook is stopped for children under 12 years?

There's an internet law that says they can't collect information or let people make accounts on their websites if they're under 13.That doesn't stop people from lying about their age though lol

This girl I've known for over 10 years deleted me from her Facebook list of friends!! What to do?

Maybe she just got fed-up with it and deleted herself, do you know anyone thats still on her facebook?