Should I let my children eat meat?

Answer Well, this can be a very tough decision to make. I think the best course of action to make is to let your kids, if and when you have them, make their own decisions, while keeping in mind to feed th... Read More »

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Should i go back to eating meat if we were meant to eat meat?

What you choose to consume is a personal decision. Other people saying we were "meant" to eat something should not enter into it at all.

Should Meat Eaters eat Meat?

Where the hell do you base these "facts" from? Starvation around the world? Who is starving because I am eating steak for dinner?barbaric, vulgar, and sick? You are the dumbest person I have ever c... Read More »

Does meat flavored sauce have meat in it if not then how do they achieve the meat flavor?

They would be some artificial flavours and could be anything, probably one of those additive numbersDune

Meat thermometer says meat it at the right temperature, but meat is still pink inside?

The meat is safe to eat once it attains a certain temperature. If you prefer well done meat, cook it longer. The 165 degree rule is for safety.