Should I let my 12 year old daughter get a Facebook?

Answer Well wait for one more year :)coz you should be at least 13 to use Facebook legally !!Read this article dedicated to this topic :)

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Should my 9 year old daughter have a facebook account?

Nope, she is WAY too young. Allow her an account at 13 years old, at the EARLIEST.

What should you do if your 10 year old daughter had sex?

stand by her side and dont be angry on her,if she likes sex then let her have it

Should i let my 10 year old daughter wear eyeliner?

NO! PLEASE DON'T! She is 10. TEN. I wasn't alowed to wear makeup until my first homecoming in highschool and that was jsut mascara. I couldn't wear lipgloss until I was 12. I couldn't wear hair acc... Read More »

My 12 year old daughter wants a $800 laptop 4 christmas should i get it 4 her yes or no and why?

~~EDIT FIRST. This is the 12 y.o. asking the question. She's posted this question twice. If you read her profile, you will know that this is not a mother of a 12 y.o. YOUR MOM SAID NO! deal wit... Read More »