Should I leave my computer on or off ?

Answer You should leave your computer on if you are using it that often. It is harder for it to turn on and off rather than to just stay on. It is good to shut it down on occasion to clear the RAM and f... Read More »

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Is it ok to leave your computer on for the whole week or is it bad for the computer?

This question has been asked since the personal computer was still in diapers. Back then I'd say turning off you pc would be more prefered but with new pc's, components are better made and are des... Read More »

Is it better to leave the computer on all day or off?

My thinking is...a light bulb blows most of the time when you are turning it on. Must be something about the sudden jolt of electricity through the filiment/wires. I leave my computer on all the ti... Read More »

Could I leave my computer on 24/7?

A lot of people leave their computer on all the time. You can set your computer to turn off the monitor after x number of minutes, your hard drive after x number of minutes, etc. Look for 'power ... Read More »

Do you leave your computer on or off?

well it damages your hardware alot more by turning it on and off all the time as it is heating and cooling which causes strain.where as if you leave it on all the time,it may set you back on your e... Read More »