Should I learn cooking?

Answer Of course you should! My mom wasn't ever interested in cooking and so were the results! (her mom is said to have been a really good cook,but my mom never asked her) if your mom isn't of much help,m... Read More »

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How to Learn Cooking by Yourself?

In this day and age, it is assumed we need a teacher for everything and that we are incompetent at any basic requirement without having been taught by someone "expert". This is a sad reflection on ... Read More »

How to Learn to Cook With Cooking Classes?

Cooking ClassCooking is an art. Just like other things you get involved in such as a hobby you get better over time. So, be patient!

What Children Learn From Pretend Cooking in Preschool?

Even though the food items are sometime plastic, using cooking to teach preschoolers has wonderful "real life" benefits. Recipes are used to teach reading, counting and math. Preschoolers learn h... Read More »

Im cooking chilli, soup for 45 covers how much ingedients should i use, should i double or triple the amount.?

Get your original recipe and find how many people it serves. Multiply ingredients so that it serves 45 + enough extra. The 'extra percentage' depends if you serving lunch, dinner, a group of foo... Read More »