Should I learn Portuguese?

Answer On One Hand: it is a widely spoken languageLearning a foreign language is always beneficial. It can introduce you to a new culture and perhaps even make you more attractive to a potential employer.... Read More »

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How to Learn Azorean Portuguese?

Portuguese is a romance language related to Italian, Spanish, French and Romanian, and several Mediterranean dialects such as Sicilian, Sardinian and Corsican. These languages are the modern, livin... Read More »

How difficult is it to learn Portuguese?

On One Hand: Portuguese Grammar is Not DifficultThe Portuguese language is not difficult to learn, according to Transparent Language Learning. It is similar to many other South American and Europea... Read More »

Games to Learn Portuguese?

Portugal is the country at the very west of Europe, next to Spain. It is a small country. However, its language of Portuguese, according to the Portuguese Language Guide website, is spoken by nearl... Read More »

How To Learn Portuguese at a University?

Portuguese is the Latin-descended language spoken in Portugal and its former colonies, such as Brazil and Guinea-Bissau. Two Portuguese dialects are recognized, Brazilian and European. Brazilian Po... Read More »