Should I keep working at this tattoo shop?

Answer If he'd scam them, he'd scam you just as soon. Hard to work for someone you know you can't trust.

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How often should I hang around the tattoo shop?

if an artist does not want to apprentice you, no hanging around will change their mind in fact that will annoy them more, just try a different parlour

Are tattoo guns legal outside of a tattoo shop?

Can I go into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo myself if I'm 18 NO parents?

Yep, you're legally an adult then! Enjoy your new independence, and new tattoo!

Should i take this DVD back to shop?

Yes, I would definitely try that if I were you. Although unfortunately most second hand stores won't accept returns because it is against their policy. If you can't return it, then there are ways... Read More »