Should I keep my Nvidia Geforce GT6200 Graphics card?

Answer If you wish to use the antique computer with that old fashioned PCI video card, go ahead. I have plenty of older ones too.

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Is nvidia geforce 8800 gtx an agp graphics card?

The Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card is not AGP compatible. To use the GeForce 8800 GTX, you will need a motherboard with an open PCI Express slot. An AGP port has a different number of pins a... Read More »

How to Install an MSI-NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card?

Computer motherboard manufacturer MSI paired up with graphical processing unit (GPU) developer NVIDIA to create the GeForce series of graphics cards. The GeForce 500 series -- the most recent model... Read More »

Which graphics card should I buy ( Nvidia Geforce 9400 or 8400 )?

you would be lucky if the 9400 would even play games at high for you.i have the 8500gt in my sons computer and it wont play deadspace without lagging.go for the 9400.they are nice cards and if your... Read More »

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics card. Do I need to upgrade?

Damn it bro,6150LE is a integrated grafixx card..Infact it's not a grfix card at all. It's just a grafiz accelerator chip bui;t in to the motherboard.So, to play goood games, you definitely should ... Read More »