Should I keep Vista or install XP?

Answer I say you should keep Vista. That's what I have. I like it. Yeah.

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How to install XP in HP laptop notebook, Where already install vista, And i want to install Xp after Vista.?

There's a very nice tutorial guiding you step-by-step.Anyway,you have to install both the OS's on different partittions.…

How to Install Windows Vista Ultimate from a Vista Basic Installation Disk?

This article will tell you how to temporarily install Windows Vista Ultimate and use all of its advanced features from a Vista Home Basic boot disk.

How to Install Vista Ultimate from Another Vista Disk?

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How to Install Vista?

In January of 2007 Windows Vista replaced Windows XP as Microsoft's flagship operating system. Vista offered several upgrades over Windows XP. For example, Vista featured a new and improved user in... Read More »