Should I just buy a new printer?

Answer Here's the thing. When you BUY a cheap printer, THEY GOT YOU on the ink. I recommend that you buy a Canon inkjet printer for around $110. The savings in INK will save you a ton of money in the f... Read More »

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So my printer just died and I have a five page report due tomorrow, what should I do?

As has previously been stated you can save it and print it at a friends house or at your local public or school library. You could also go to your nearest Kinkos or Staples and print it out there a... Read More »

What's the point of buying new printer cartridges when you can just buy another printer...?

You frequently do not get full sized cartridges with printers but only partly-filled "starter" cartridges.In any case, the printers that are cheaper than their cartridges are inevitably at the lowe... Read More »

Just got a digital camera -- now i need to buy a printer. What kind of inexpensive printer would you suggest?

you would be fine with a 30 dollar printer from wal-mart…those work very well especially for the price and my mother has done well with one for the last year

My color ink cartridge leak inside of my printer. How should I clean this up w/o harming the printer?

Use QTips and alcohol. If you are not using real HP ink cartridges I suggest you start. The refills and ones made by other vendors are bad.