Should I ice my sprained ankle...its been more than 48 hours since impact?

Answer Hi,After 48 hours, ice has little to no impact on swelling, bruising or healing. You are better off moving onto other healing techniques for a sprained ankle after the first two days.You want to g... Read More »

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I took 3-4 adderall pills in less than 3-4 hours. I can still feel it and its been 2 days since. Am I okay?

I think you're overthinking it dude.You'll be fine.Some people like being "up",and some can't stand it.If you liked it,take more.If you didn't like it,either give it another try or just leave it al... Read More »

Buyebarrel cannot log in for more than 12 hours, have i really been conned!!!?

Please do not worry. My upline is saying that the server is goin thru an upgrading and he has given me another website to log in and view. There is a public annoucemen that says:"Due to unforeseen... Read More »

Its been about a month since i sprained my ankle when will i be able to play soccer and regain full mobility?

Have you seen a doctor? Were you diagnosed with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree sprain? Have you been doing the exercises advised by your physical therapist? With such limited information on your part, a... Read More »

Ok its been 15 hours since my dentist app. Can i eat n drink now like pizza n pop?

it's okay we rinse with water to keep teeth healthy