Should I have some ice cream now before bed?

Answer Yes you should. Great is the sweet treat before sweet dreams.

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Should I eat some of my ice cream now before eating my lasagna dinner?

It is better and nicer to eat after a savoury mealDune

What are some things i should ask before enrolling my child in daycare preschool?

The level of education of their teachers or how they provide ongoing professional development for them.How they handle children when they don't comply. If you want "preschool" for your child it wou... Read More »

Should I "grease my axe" before "splitting some wood" Sometimes it gets stuck.?

If you didn't mean what the poster above me thinks you mean, then I'll answer. You shouldn't use an axe to split wood. Once you have your cylindrical pieces of wood, you should use a cleave to spli... Read More »

What do whip cream, sour cream and cream cheese all have in common?

All can be used in love on and lick off..........