Should I have gone to emergency?

Answer go see your regular doctor

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Should the swelling have gone down after three day?

Nope. That is a place where there isn't much circulation, so it will take a while.Bruising takes a lot longer to heal than an actual cut, so it would take longer anyway, but there isn't much blood ... Read More »

Have the media gone too far and should they (Jack Neo & his wife) be left alone now?

This is the different between the normal people and the celebrities. When this thing happened to a normal person, the public will not be interested to know, but not a well known local producer. Of ... Read More »

My vast accumulation of stock shares in Fluffin International Inc. have gone up in smoke, when should I jump?

Don't jump! As your broker, I can tell you that FII will experience a rebound in the third quarter of 2012. You have to be in this for the long haul. Here's some inside dope...they are on the verge... Read More »

I have known of persons who had diabetes and some have had limbs amputated or have gone blind. Why is this?

i got diabetes when i was 7 and i am 38 now. i am legally blind and i had to have my left leg amputated. i did not take care of myself when i was younger so that is part of my trouble.when your a d... Read More »