Should I go to the hospital PLEASE HELP! Serious answers fast!?

Answer call your doctor, they should have someone on call, and they can recommend you to go to the ER or an urgent care.

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Help serious answers only please...?

1. You should always backup your valuble data on a regular basis anyway!2. If you having serious problems backup straight away everything you can and want to keep.3. Try using system restore (in he... Read More »

Please help........... Serious answers only!!?

Help me please!!! I'm so scared! Serious answers only?

You have a boil. Don't squeeze it, because you can force bacteria into your bloodstream, which would be very bad. Instead, take a warm, damp washcloth and hold it against the boil. This will act... Read More »

I'm totally serious. I need help. No joke answers please.?

Don't watch it. Think of how desperate and pathetic it is making you sound.