Should I go to the doctor now or in 5 days?

Answer 5 days is not going to make a big difference. Wait until your appointment.

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I've had diarrhea for 3 days. Should I see a doctor?

Most cases of diarrhea clear on their own within a few days without treatment. If you seek medical attention, your doctor likely will advise you to take steps to replace the fluids and salts lost d... Read More »

I stepped on a nail 5 days ago and my doctor and hospital said I should be okay but why my jaw is stiff?

Get to a DR. Tell the other Dr to shove it, you're not stupid! Go with your gut feeling!

Should I call my doctor if I've had a Christmas Ornament stuck in my anus for two days Serious Answer?

My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?

Check to see if you have puss balls in your throat. If you do, then u HAVE to go to the doctor.. because that means their is an infection and u'll need antibiotic...If you don't see any white (pus... Read More »