Should I go to the dentist if I'm sick?

Answer Please, stay home. We work inside your mouth and there are many viruses and bacteria that are spread through saliva. Yes, we wear gloves and masks, but we'd much rather work on patients that can br... Read More »

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Should I pay or the dentist?

Your overall oral situation didn't get worse because of the dentist. The tooth that did not get fixed would not cause random front teeth to become sensitive to air. Since the problem was the tooth... Read More »

Should i go to dentist?

Yes, you should go to the dentist. The dentist will help you keep your teeth healthy. If there is any problems that may arise your dentist can tell you that. I love going to the dentist. I go ev... Read More »

Why should I become a dentist?

A career as a dentist involves education and training that focus on science and mathematics courses. As a dentist, one may be able to enjoy a number of advantages, including job security and direct... Read More »

Should I go back to the dentist or not?

If your tooth is extremely sensitive to things like cold, even warm liquids, things like taking a nice big breathe of air, i would go for the root canal, i was in the same position with one of my m... Read More »