Should I go to the ER or is it ok to wait until Monday?

Answer I answered your question about this the other day. If your pain is getting worse any doctor will advise you to go to the ER. This is the only thing that they can say to help you as well as protect... Read More »

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I hurt my forearm a couple nights ago. Go to ER or wait until Monday?

If it is a fracture, you need it to be set properly with a cast. Best not to wait.

Should I buy the Nokia Lumia 900 now or should i wait until the newer model comes out this fall?

You could get the Lumia 900 and have Windows Phone 7.8, which has all the features of Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft were able to put on Windows Phone 7 phones. However, there is a reason it's so c... Read More »

Should I get a motorcycle now or wait until I move?

Start with *why* do you want a motorcycle. Do you want to use the motorcycle for touring, weekends getting out of the city, going cross country vacation? Or do you want a commuter motorcycle for ... Read More »

Should i wait until i get a job to stretch my ears bigger?

You can continue to stretch whenever you want. But just be aware that in most professional settings unless you take care to hide your stretched lobes, they might file your application in File 13. I... Read More »