Should I go to doctor for this bruise *Picture included*?


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How should I do my hair Picture included.?

I'd cut it shoulder length and have your stylist put some longer layers into it. Your hair right now looks like it has zero movement to it. Hair should have movement to it. It shouldn't just sit... Read More »

What is this inside my amplifier (Picture included)?

That is a Toroidal output transformer. Be very careful as the output stages of amplifiers store large amounts of current even when turned off, that can be lethal.Kevin40 years high end audio video... Read More »

What ipod is this called picture included.?

How do I get my hair to be exactly like this.. (picture included) ?

The hair colour is natural so it's impossible to get it, but it would be a golden blonde.The cut is fringe medium-long, back long, but the style is natural so you'll need hair like that already.Hav... Read More »