Should I go to UCR or UCI?

Answer You take the money at UCR. It is actually pretty strong in the sciences. Their last Chancellor worked for NASA and really built the sciences up. Plus UCI is more of a commuter campus and you get... Read More »

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What should a very scared 16-year-old do if her father got her pregnant and who should she contact and what should she tell them?

Go to school In your predicament, you are going to have to trust someone. Your dad committed a heinous crime, and he must be brought to justice. Guidance counselors in many high schools are train... Read More »

I have a Pre-Existing Condition and Insurance won't cover me, Should a Law say they should?

They want to repeal the law because your situation hasn't happened to them yet.

Help. Explain what I should look for in a 40"+ flat panel TV. Where should I buy?

It all depends on what you're looking for it to do, and what you're gonna be using it for.There are alot of formats out there. Tube, LCOS, LCD, DLP, etc. Here's a little info on some of 'em.If you'... Read More »

My neighbor has a huge hole in his backdoor. Should I offer to spackle it Or should I surprise him?

I would say it would depend on your neighbor. Some folks might freak out or take offense. Not to mention the fact that another neighbor might think you're trying to break in.Unfortunately, the 'g... Read More »