Should I go see a doctor or wait it out?

Answer yes going to a doctor would be best. Or at least look online for a symptom search. Go to symptom checker at web MD and see if that helps. Hang in there!hope it helps

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How long should i wait to see a doctor for this stye or chalazion?

Last year I had a nasty stye on my left eye and was so scared of going to the doctor my mom had to drag me in...anyway, anytime you feel like you need antibiotics, go to the doctor. I get like extr... Read More »

How long after you find out that you're pregnant should you wait to see a doctor?

Answer The sooner you go to the doctor the better. It is important for them to check for certain things diseases or cancers that may harm the baby. The first appointment will probably consist of dr... Read More »

How long would you wait if you had a cold to go to the doctor?

well its always said to starve a cold and feed a feverLOTS of liquids especially like juices and hot tea with lemon helps and Ive found an over the counter med that actually works like the commerci... Read More »

Should I buy the Nokia Lumia 900 now or should i wait until the newer model comes out this fall?

You could get the Lumia 900 and have Windows Phone 7.8, which has all the features of Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft were able to put on Windows Phone 7 phones. However, there is a reason it's so c... Read More »