Should I go into sniper training for the military?

Answer On One Hand: You Need The Vital QualitiesConsider sniper training if you enjoy an intense, focused environment. According to, you must have certain important qualities to... Read More »

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What is the toughest US military division with the best training for me to join also maybe something with very good sniper training?

Depends on what time period you are asking about. Currently, it is the M16 rifle, or the M4 carbine version. During the late 1950s-60s, it was the M14. During WW II it was the M1 Garand and M1 Carb... Read More »

Who has more training the US Marine Scout Sniper or British Marine Sniper?

They're remarkably similar to each other.Don't forget, RMC & USMC have a "Bond of Friendship" which extends way beyond social niceties, shared traditions/ values, & the occasional parade! For examp... Read More »

Sniper PT Training?

Snipers are among the most elite members of an infantry unit. Snipers' physical training, or PT, is designed to condition them for the demanding nature of their operations.

What are the ranks in the military for a sniper?

Sniper is an Army and Marine MOS. It is not related to rank or paygrade.