Who was Jamie Kennedy's wife on Jamie Kennedy Experiment when he plays a blind man with a cheating wife?

Answer Answer Joanna Portman, judging by the IMDB Photo. Answer Joannah Portman

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Should I, or should i not pull a sicky from work tomorrow?

You should not.If you need a day off then book a holiday.

I want to go to a party that is tomorrow, should i or should i not go?

you should. they made away you could go, so they care. I bet you will have fun and be able to get away from your situation for a while

Should i stay off tomorrow?

I recomend taking the day off the numbness will probably take 4 to 5 hours to fully wear off and then you will have some pain and may just want to rest and take it easy.

Should I swim tomorrow?

yes you should, this day only comes once a year and if you know how to use tampons correctly go for it!! :) have a great time