Should I go for Windows Vista or stay with XP?

Answer I use both - not much to chose between them!The only negative thing about Vista is some older devices/drivers aren't compatible.On the upside it includes loads of little utilities that you would ha... Read More »

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Is Windows Vista any good or stay with XP?

get windows xp black edition. its thee best*edit* here learn more about it rite here…if you download the entire program then u get to use all the programs ... Read More »

Should I change to Vista, or stay with XP?

Your system looks good enough to handle it, although some more RAM might help some.The important thing to check is if your games are DirectX10 compatible. If the games you are playing support it, t... Read More »

Should i upgrade to linux or stay with my windows xp computer?

Nothing technical?Yeah....Linux isn't for you.

Should someone currently running Windows 98 buy a new computer with XP or Vista?

If your friend is comfortable with MS Windows on 98 (i.e. not walking through a written down set of steps to do anything on the OS), they should be able to use either XP or Vista with minimal learn... Read More »