Should I go back to football practice if muscle ( LAT) is sore?

Answer You need some professional advice.Please go to see the doctor as soon as possible.

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I am extremly sore from football practice. any remedies that work?

hot bath with salts.... seriously.... heating pad......

How can you heal a lower back muscle sore and a slight hyperextended knee?

For your back I would recommend ice packs & baths. For the knee RICE. (rest, ice, compression, elevation)This shoulda been explained by ur coach and/or trainer.

Could really tender sore breasts and sore lower back and sides be signs of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, but it could also mean you are about to get your period as well you should take a pregnancy test as soon as a week before your period is due.

How can I treat a sore leg muscle?

Reduce inflamation by putting an "ice-pack" on it. If you don't have one, get a bag of frozen vegetables or frozen frenchfries, or get a wet/damp towel or face cloth and put in a plastic bag and p... Read More »