Should I give my son Fluoride?

Answer please watch this documentary . It shows just how dangerous flouride is and how it was created.…The FDA has approved many things for us that have been prov... Read More »

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Why is calcium fluoride have a smaller boiling point then magnesium fluoride?

The calcium ion is larger than the magnesium ion and so the charge on it is less dense.This makes it less attracted to the fluoride ions

When should I do my fluoride?

You can use fluoride mouthrinse any time of the day. Using it right before bed is using it most effectively, but if you want to use it in the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon, whenever it wi... Read More »

What filter to remove fluoride should i get?

Should I use Fluoride Tooth Paste or Not My teeth are rotted?

Fluoride is a biologically necessary, naturally occurring, element found in nearly all ground water. The natural level varies greatly depending on the local geography (water gathered from the base ... Read More »