Should I get this concussion checked out?

Answer If you develop a headache (might just be alcohol), nausea or vision problems, seek medical attention -- otherwise, you should be fine.

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Is it okay to eat with a concussion?

yes its fine. doctors used to have patients woken up every two hours, but theyre even doing away with that. now if you feel dizzy or nausea, call the doctor

I think I have a concussion?

i think so u should go to ur doctor but if u do DNT SLEEP

Is It A Concussion?

You've got all kinds of concussion symptoms. See a doctor. Now, please!

Possible concussion, should I go to bed?

Not for a mild traumatic brain injury, of which a concussion is one. Even a Grade 3 concussion, the most serious you can get, won't cause a patient to lapse into a coma. You're thinking of somethin... Read More »