Should I get this concussion checked out?

Answer If you develop a headache (might just be alcohol), nausea or vision problems, seek medical attention -- otherwise, you should be fine.

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Should I get this checked out by the doctor?

Yeah, go to the Dr. Get it looked at, maybe x-rayed if Dr. thinks so. X-ray can rule out a lot of scary stuff for a low price.What does the skin surface look like? Could it have been a bug/spide... Read More »

Should I get this spider bite checked out?

First, the likelihood a spider bit you is practically nil. You would not be able to see fang marks if one did bite you. Spider bites don't hurt to touch them, what this sounds like is a skin absces... Read More »

Should I get this bug bite checked by a doctor?

Haha funny because I had this too! I suggest you go to the doctor and they will give you a cream which will make the rash go away in no time

Should I get this lump on my neck checked out?

I would think if anything foriegn starts growing on your body, you should probably get it checked out...