Should I get my wisdom teeth out if I have a cold?

Answer You should go try to get some cold medicine. And even if that doesn't work, get it done anyway. Oral surgeons have A LOT and I mean A LOT of safety precaution stuff. They wont let anything happen t... Read More »

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If you have straight but gapped teeth and your wisdom teeth have not come out yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gaps when they erupt?

It might help a little, but if your father or mother have gapped teeth, you probably will too.Answer When your wisdom teeth will come out, if you have space, they might close some gaps between your... Read More »

How many full adult teeth wxcluding any wisdom teeth should you have?


My son is having surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, anything I should do get?

sending a biiiiiiiiig hug over the ocean, and a little Get Well card for him…

If the gum around one a wisdom tooth is a little loose but the wisdom teeth otherwise seem perfectly fine what should be done about it?

Quite often, a piece of gum tissue overlies the wisdom tooth which is partially through. Keep the area as clean as possible, otherwise attend your dental checkups as recommended so your dentist can... Read More »