Should I get my ears pierced at Claire's or the Piercing Pagoda?

Answer I've heard of several people who get severe infections after getting their ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda. I would get my ears pierced at Claire's if I did want mutilated ears.

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Ear getting pierced at claires?

Ok first of all, you have to get pierced with their earrings and it costs a fortune. Secondly, the solution they give is useless and can actually irritate your piercing rather than heal it. And thi... Read More »

Should i get my ears pierced?

Baaad idea Wallace buddy. If you're looking into getting a future career that makes you money (enough to keep you middle class or above) than getting your ears pierced will definitely effect your c... Read More »

My daughter is 12 and she wants to get her ears pierced. Should i let her?

i have had my ears pierced since i was 2 weeks old and my ears are fine if she does get them pierced make sure the place she gets it done at is sanitary and sterilisizes everything. After that make... Read More »

When should I get my daughter's ears pierced?

When she's old enough to make a conscious decision to do so herself. That's just my advice, do what you feel is best though.