Should I get my ears pierced at Claire's or the Piercing Pagoda?

Answer I've heard of several people who get severe infections after getting their ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda. I would get my ears pierced at Claire's if I did want mutilated ears.

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Ear getting pierced at claires?

Ok first of all, you have to get pierced with their earrings and it costs a fortune. Secondly, the solution they give is useless and can actually irritate your piercing rather than heal it. And thi... Read More »

What gauge are the ear piercing earrings used at Claires?

The ear piercing guns used at Claire's are designed to pierce ears using 18 or 20 gauge starter earrings. These are the same gauges most frequently used by professional piercers, whose needles have... Read More »

Piercing pagoda tukwila mall?

Don't know about the lip piercing but yes I got my ears pierced there (when I was 12 actually) and they seemed great. Sanitary, professional, taught me how to clean my ears. And I never got an infe... Read More »

You have your ears pierced?