Should I get checked out?

Answer I'd have to find out where abouts it hurts to say.But its most likely bruising, possibly on the inside, so you wouldnt see anything on your skin.It could be a sore muscle, but just incase, get it c... Read More »

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What does name-checked mean?

Name-checking is a slang term that means to drop someone's name in conversation, online or in another forum. It can mean to simply acknowledge from whom you heard something (like citing your source... Read More »

What does ''checked'' mean on utorrent?

uTorrent checks for the files on your hard drive for seeding purposes. Torrents have a P2P system where everyone must transfer the files to everyone else. That means that once your file(s) have fin... Read More »

How often should cholesterol be checked?

On One Hand: Every Five YearsAccording to WebMD, cholesterol tests (lipid panels) happen every five years for normal patients. Normal is defined as a total count of less than 200mg/dL including HDL... Read More »

Should I get this checked out by the doctor?

Yeah, go to the Dr. Get it looked at, maybe x-rayed if Dr. thinks so. X-ray can rule out a lot of scary stuff for a low price.What does the skin surface look like? Could it have been a bug/spide... Read More »