Should I get checked out?

Answer I'd have to find out where abouts it hurts to say.But its most likely bruising, possibly on the inside, so you wouldnt see anything on your skin.It could be a sore muscle, but just incase, get it c... Read More »

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Should I get checked for Diabetes, or should I wait?

Myaddictiontofire: As most have suggested, you should have a Blood and a1c test preformed. You are displaying some of the early symptoms of type 2 Diabetes. The tests aren't really that expensi... Read More »

Should I get my foot checked out?

I'm just guessing, of course. Your foot is full of bones, and has joints between them. Could be that you had a dislocation in your foot. Your first sprint step might have forced it back into nor... Read More »

Should I get my knee checked out?

Go to the doctor and get it checked out, if it's nothing the you're grand, if it is then you should find out straight away and do something immediatly and get it sorted, honestly you should deffine... Read More »

Should I get this checked out by the doctor?

Yeah, go to the Dr. Get it looked at, maybe x-rayed if Dr. thinks so. X-ray can rule out a lot of scary stuff for a low price.What does the skin surface look like? Could it have been a bug/spide... Read More »