Should I get braces again (look at my pic)?

Answer Yep, you should consider some orthodontic guided tooth movement. Obviously, I can't tell much from your photo, however this much I can say, the upper cuspids, 6 and 11 and buccal-verted, that is t... Read More »

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Should i get braces again?

If you are wondering if you should go back and get them again, then it means it's bothering you and that you should. I had braces from my freshman year o high school, to right before graduation. Th... Read More »

Should i get braces again (pictures)?

Should I get braces again or what should I do?

i think it's the fault of ur ortho . u must consult a highly experianced ortho. noone can suggest u the appropriate answer on yahoo

Mouth guard caused an underbite. Should I get braces again, or is it not worth it?

From the pictures if you are biting down all the way it appears that you now have an open bite , not an under bite. Yes, you would need braces to fix this unless by not wearing the night guard wil... Read More »