Should I get an x-ray or just forget about it?

Answer First off, I'm genuinely sorry man =( i know what that feels like too but ive never dealt with anything that extreme...Second: stop reading right now and go get an xray! do your parents even know??... Read More »

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If you havent talked to your sister for about 3 months do you think you should just forget about the promblem that happened and work things out?

Im about to smoke weed tomorow , just for once but im not sure if i should. just once!?

DOn't make such a big deal out of it!! Weed is fun, it's a pary favor it's not crack cocaine If your trying it for one experience, good luck - weed doesn't even effect people the first time they tr... Read More »

Just how forget full are you?

hahah as long as they didnt sprout lol lol sorry for the giggle :) im not that bad Yet! hehe

I forgot all about her tainted heart. Why can't she forget about mine?

Probably because it's embalmed and displayed on The Nolte's special shrine.