Should I get an SSD now or wait?

Answer Those are some great deals. However, if you are going to wait till December, then I would buy an SSD on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday). I obviously don't know what deals will be available on Black ... Read More »

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Should I buy the Nokia Lumia 900 now or should i wait until the newer model comes out this fall?

You could get the Lumia 900 and have Windows Phone 7.8, which has all the features of Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft were able to put on Windows Phone 7 phones. However, there is a reason it's so c... Read More »

Should you wait 2 months for the iPhone 4S using a samsung seek or should you just keep your htc evo 3d?

Yes you can. Every network has a section that saids account history or account. You would be able to find everything about your phone history there.

Should I go vegan already or should i wait longer?

I suggest you start doing your homework and read a few good sources before you start. Having good books and websites is also important. You need to concentrate on whole foods. Processed vegan ga... Read More »

Should I get checked for Diabetes, or should I wait?

Myaddictiontofire: As most have suggested, you should have a Blood and a1c test preformed. You are displaying some of the early symptoms of type 2 Diabetes. The tests aren't really that expensi... Read More »