Should I get a silicone case for my iPod Touch or a hard case?

Answer For protection 100% a hard case, there are also lots more designs and it is easier to pick the one you likeThey also grip to your phone, as i find silcone cases are too easy to take of and dont fee... Read More »

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For an iPod: Does a silicone cover offer as much protection as a hard plastic case ?

well, sure they do. I personally like silicone better actually. But yeah, it will offer more protection actually, because it kinda obsorbs impacts a little. I don't know about dust and the screen, ... Read More »

Is a hard case better then a silicon or gel case for protecting a phone when it falls?

no. it is just for looks. silicone bounces if you drop it. my dog got my phone and put holes in the case, but didn't damage the phone. i dropped my ipod with a hard case and it cracked the screen. ... Read More »

What is the best iPod touch 4g case?

otterbox defender for sure i just ordered mine last night. on amazon you can get em for 25 bucks but off the otterbox site its 40 but comes w a liftetime warranty i think..not sure but i ordered of... Read More »

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