Should I get a macbook air?

Answer I find they're overpriced plus they're not compatible with other laptops because it's apple, and it has no disk drive, it is a good laptop though, it runs smooth it's all up to what you like, if yo... Read More »

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Should I get an iPad 2 or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or an iPhone 4?

If you're starting off, get a MacBook Air. If you just want something for light tasks, get the iPad or iPhone. If you are into heavy computing, go for the MacBook Pro.

Should i get a Macbook or a Macbook air?

macbookthe macbook air is terribleyou won't be able to watch movies on it without a ugly external hard driveyou can use a different mac/pc's dvd drive, but you can't watch dvds with that (since the... Read More »

Should I get my mom a Macbook or PC?

I'd go for Macbook, especially if she's just going to be browsing Internet, email, etc. I doubt she's a gamer, so that would be the only thing missing. If she is kind of a new computer user, there ... Read More »

Should i buy the macbook?

No, Macs are awful. Everything about them is bad.They are expensive crap, pat your brother on the back.Buy a Dell from PC World and use Windows or Linux.You can buy a much better spec PC for the pr... Read More »