Should I get a ankle brace and crutches?

Answer Yeah. I thought I sprained my ankle a few months ago, didn't do anything about it. Turns out I broke my foot, now it's healed all weird and I'll have to get it re-broken and set at some point to av... Read More »

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Ankle support for Sprained ankle (grade 2) overkill Ace bandage + Ace brace + ankle brace (see pictures)?

What's better for my ankle a walking boot or an ankle brace?

A lot of kids at my school are on crutches with no cast or brace. i am just wondering why these?

Surgery after ingrown toenails, hairline fractures that don't require immobilisation, sprains, dislocations without displacement, massive cuts in the bottom of the foot, bruised bones, badly jarred... Read More »

Sprained Ankle! Do I need crutches?

The initial treatment for all sprains is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I would think that if you really can't tolerate walking on it, that you need to follow these instructions close... Read More »