Should I get a MacBook or have a birthday party?

Answer comon u had ur sweet 16 get a macbook u will love it

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When should I send out my kids' birthday party invites for a combo birthday party and a few q re etiquette?

About 3 weeks to a month at most it gives them time to take off work or make sure there free but not so early that they won't remember. And its not rude just put gifts optional and list things your... Read More »

What kind of sweet 16 birthday party should i have?

Well how about a regular sweet 16 Birthday Party

Should i have a BIG 18th birthday party or just go to hawaii for a week?

Hawaii without a second thought for sure:)

My friend is gluten free. She is going to my birthday party. What should I have for food?

You can go to your local health food stores and check out their "gluten free" pre-made stuff. You can find breads, cookies, cakes, that are gluten free. But that can get pricy. If you want glute... Read More »