Should I gauge my ears :/?

Answer I'm really into body mods too. I really like my plugs. They seriously make some cool plugs & tunnels. I mean if you stretch to 00gs they will heal, probably leave alittle scar though. I have pierci... Read More »

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How to Gauge Your Ears?

If you'd like to stretch your ears, the key is to doing it slowly and patiently. Here are some helpful steps on how to successfully stretch your ears.

How to Gauge Your Ears Without Getting a Blowout?

So some of you "gauge" (stretch - if you "gauge" with "gauges", you don't deserve ears) your ears, or any other piercings, correct? This article will teach you how to stretch your earlobe with tape... Read More »

Can you gauge your ears while you're pregnant?

as long as your baby isn't in the way, no tats on the stomach

Can I gauge my ears after immediate piercing?

It depends on the size of the needle they used. If they used a gun, absolutely not. If it was a needle, not today. You should wait for them to heal, and even then she should go to an eighteen since... Read More »