Should I fix my old Radio Shack speakers or should I get some new ones?

Answer The crossovers in your RS speakers are tuned for specific drivers. Any slight variation in efficiency, impedance, frequency range, etc... will cause the drivers to play too loud or too soft compare... Read More »

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Who makes Radio Shack speakers?

As of 2010, Radio Shack does not manufacture store-brand speakers. Instead, Radio Shack sells speakers from several different manufacturers, including Auvio, AudioSource, Cerwin-Vega, Coby, Dual, G... Read More »

How much is a iphone 3g at radio shack?

Instructions for the Radio Shack Pro-433?

The Radio Shack Pro-433 scanner comes pre-programmed with 150 different frequencies for fire, police, weather and other communications. You can program the scanner to store frequencies you use ofte... Read More »

Working at radio shack?

It can be fun, but it is still a job in retail. Corporate doesn't care about anything but sales. The hours stink. The pay is low. Customers are either clueless or know-it-alls. There is nothing mor... Read More »