Should I file LLC bankruptcy?

Answer On One Hand: LLC As A PartnershipThe Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is a relatively new business form, and currently there is no bankruptcy code or law directly addressing LLCs. The judge, the... Read More »

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Should I file bankruptcy in Texas?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Always a Last ResortBankruptcy in Texas is like filing bankruptcy anywhere--it should only be seen as a last resort. In Texas debtors can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is... Read More »

Should One File Bankruptcy to Avoid a Lien Judgment?

Growing orchids is a delightful hobby, especially when the plants are healthy and produce lush, regular blooms. Finding the exact balance of light to make that happen is the key to spectacular orch... Read More »

How Soon Should I File Bankruptcy After Not Paying Credit Cards?

There are three national credit bureaus in the United States. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FRCA, states that all three credit reporting bureaus must provide you with a free credit report once ... Read More »

Should I File Bankruptcy Because My House Is Worth Less Than the Mortgage?

Kansas has drafted and implemented its own statutes called the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (KRLTA). The Act specifies the laws and provisions concerning residential rental agreements... Read More »