Should I fertilize my lawn in the winter?

Answer Terry, You basically have hit the nail on the head yourself. Fertilizing in the dead of winter, especially in Chi-town, would be a waste of money, time, and nutrients even if it is an organic ferti... Read More »

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How to Fertilize a Lawn?

The area surrounding your house can have a very positive or negative effect on its appearance. A green, lush lawn adds beauty and is the envy of the entire neighborhood, as well as anyone that pass... Read More »

How often should you fertilize a lawn?

On One Hand: Every Few MonthsFertilize your lawn at least five times during the year (every 2-3 months). Fertilization will keep the lawn loaded with the nutrients it needs to keep producing a thic... Read More »

Should You Fertilize Your Lawn When It's Wet or Dry?

Good lawn care requires proper mowing, adequate irrigation, weed control and regular fertilization. Leaving the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing reduces the amount of fertilizer needed. Fe... Read More »

When is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

Every lawn should be fertilized in the early spring and late autumn. Spring fertilizer applications contain nitrogen to promote a bright green color and pre-emergent herbicide to discourage weeds. ... Read More »