Should I feel offended?

Answer You're dating him, not his parents. If they don't like your cooking, they don't have to eat at your home. Instead of inviting them over for a meal, why not just invite them over for a visit? You co... Read More »

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Am i the only one who gets offended by this?

Would you be offended...?

Yes it is, obviously she doesn't care how her house looks or what others think.

How to Tell Someone That Something They Said Offended You Without Being Offensive Yourself?

It's inevitable: You will one day be in a social or business situation, and someone in the group will make a comment that will simply rub you the wrong way. Hard. It could be intentional or uninten... Read More »

Adoptees are you offended ?

I'm offended by the assumption that because I don't like adoption there is either something wrong with me or that my (adoptive) parents did something wrong. I'm offended by the assumption that bec... Read More »