Should I eat something , HELP ?

Answer Ignore that other answer. Damn trolls.Have a big cup of water to fill you up instead of eating.And you losing weight takes awhile, so by wednesday you would most likely have only lost 1kg at the mo... Read More »

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I want to know if this is just part of my norm or something I should be worried about! Please help!?

You are being paranoid.You've had a period since you had sex, so you're not pregnant.

Help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?

Is there something wrong with my Canon Rebel t3 Or am I just not understanding something Please help!!?

To use your T3i in Manual Mode you must do two things:1) Learn to use your camera's light meter. Your Owner's Manual will explain how.2) Learn the Exposure Triangle - Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO:htt... Read More »

My mom is coming over later today and i need to make something for dinner what should i make Please Help!!!?

Depends what type of food she likes (and you)!.I made an onion pie last week which was really good - you basically caramelise 4 red onions in a pan for about half an hour, then put into a pie dish,... Read More »