Should I eat oatmeal?

Answer You should be eating carbs BEFORE workouts-they're for energy, after all.Eat some vegetables- that'll help you lose weight more than carbs will.Pay attention to serving sizes on the oatmeal. You'll... Read More »

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Can you substitute old-fashioned oatmeal for quick-cooking oatmeal?

You can substitute old-fashioned oatmeal (also called rolled oatmeal and oat flakes) for the quicker-cooking oatmeal. Old-fashioned oatmeal, however, may take longer to cook. But it's also more nut... Read More »

What is the difference between oatmeal& Irish oatmeal?

While any type of oatmeal can create a hearty, nutritious breakfast cereal, manufacturers distinguish oatmeal varieties according to their respective processing techniques. These procedures subtly ... Read More »

What do you add to your oatmeal?

HiHeres my own recipe Oatmeal/rice and buckwheat porridge (I use this as I am a coeliac)four dried apricots (cut up into tiny pieces)Banana (small) cut upapple (cut into small pieces)cinnamon soy m... Read More »

How to Do the Oatmeal Diet?

If you are thinking losing weight and are wondering how to do the oatmeal diet to accomplish that, you may find it easier than you expect. The oatmeal diet not only incorporates oatmeal into each m... Read More »