Should I eat if I don't feel hungry?

Answer With the amount of physical activities you do, it definitely requires sustenance.Your body needs to feed off something other than the exercise 'high' that you get from judo/boxing. If your body doe... Read More »

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Should you eat only when you're hungry or should you eat at regular intervals so that you dont feel hungry?

My advice is to eat between five to six meals per day. By eating smaller portions of food more often you will feel less hungry in between meals and not deprived. When people only eat, let’s say, ... Read More »

Im hungry but i dont want to eat. what should i do.?

Should I eat if I feel hungry?

The reason you feel hungry is because you body needs more food. Don't avoid those hunger signals. Your body needs a lot of food at this age so that you will be ready for your growth spurt. If you d... Read More »

Should you be concerned if you dont feel your baby kick but you do feel fluttering?

Not really. it all depends on how far along you are, but the baby may have decided to change its movement patterns and moves when you least notice, like at nite when you sleep.