Should I eat 1 or 2 tortilla chicken wraps?

Answer I'd get up and move around a little and do some little chore around the house (pick up some clothes, wipe the countertops, etc.) and then ask yourself if you really want the second wrap. Sometimes... Read More »

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How long should i leave my homemade tortilla wraps before serving them?

Em I wouldn't wait 4 hours as the fresher they are the nicer they'll be but up to 30 minutes would be fine.

How to Make Chicken Tortilla Casserole?

How many calories are in chicken tortilla soup?

The calories in a serving size of chicken tortilla soup vary by the ingredients used to make the soup. However, the Food Network offers several chicken tortilla soup recipes with calorie ranges fro... Read More »

How to Make Chicken Tortilla Soup With Avocado?

Here's how to make chicken tortilla soup, with avocado. Works with turkey as well.