Should I drink alcohol after surgery ?

Answer Unfortunately I do not agree with uncle regino here. As im sure you know, it is very important for you to continue taking aspirin everyday for the prevention of blood clotting. After any surgery yo... Read More »

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How long should you wait to drink alcohol after giving blood?

In moderation it would be best to leave it for an hour or two, just don't go out on a bingeDune

How long should you not drink alcohol when doing a pre-employment alcohol test?

Alcohol is completely eliminated from a person's system after about ten hours. A person scheduled for a pre-employment alcohol test should stop drinking at least eight hours before the appointed ti... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol after taking the morning after pill?

Drinking alcohol will not diminish the effectiveness of the "morning after pill," which means it is safe to consume alcohol after taking the pill. However, you should still exercise the usual cauti... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol after an appendectomy?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanYou can drink alcohol after an appendectomy. The appendix is a vestigial organ, meaning it does not have a known physical function. Its removal will not affect your body's ... Read More »