Should I download AVG?

Answer Follow the instructions on these MS Removal Tool removal guides.……I'm 100% sure that it will be removed, you just... Read More »

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Should i download limewire or should i stay with ares?

i used to use limewire (latest PRO version), but it kept crashing & I would lose all of my download progress.I switched to bearshare (latest PRO version) and have been very happy!(One difference be... Read More »

Should I download illegally ?

lol.Here's how I think of it. Itunes, screw them, because Apple already got their money from you when you bought the ipod.The artists? If you buy a song or two by them, and then "obtain" ;) other s... Read More »

Should i download limewire?

Don't do it, they are really cracking down on people who illegally download music.

What should I download for my scanner?

You need a generic driver if you plan to use it with Photoshop or Gimp or Corel. Any 3rd party software usually installs generic drivers so you can use your scanner. Just go in the FILE menu and se... Read More »